Manual Transmittal

August 03, 2018

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(1) This transmits updated IRM 1.22.1, Mail and Transportation Management, Mail and Transportation Management Overview.

Material Changes

(1) IRM, included subsection, Program Scope and Objectives per Internal Control Requirements; renumbered the areas in like manner

(2) IRM, included subsection, Governing Policy Guidance per Internal Control prerequisites, once IRM (2), Introduction; isolated third shot into first and second slug, expelled first projectile

(3) IRM, subsection title, Background, included per Internal Control necessities, previously IRM, Scope; expelled IRM (2)

(4) IRM, subsection title, References, included per Internal Control necessities, previously IRM; (1)(2)(3) are currently (2)(3)(4); (4) is presently (1); IRM, report names changed for IRS Documents 11933 and 12534; evacuated 39 CFR 310; 39 CFR 320; 41 CFR 101-9; and 41 CFR 102-191

(5) IRM, supplanted Strategy and Finance with Capital Management and Oversight; refreshed all through IRM

(6) IRM, W&I Strategy and Finance Staff, renamed W&I Capital Management and Oversight

(7) IRM, Agency Wide Shared Services (AWSS) supplanted with Facilities Management and Security Services (FMSS), refreshed all through IRM

(8) IRM, Replaced Associate Director, Project Management, FMSS with Project Management, Logistics Manager

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(9) IRM, Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure (PGLD) Office; supplanted IRM 10.4.1, with IRM 10.9.1 in (1); evacuated (2)

(10) IRM, Removed second projectile; added first shot to last sentence in (1)

(11) Editorial changes have been made all through the IRM

Impact on Other Documents

IRM 1.22.1, General Information on Mail Management dated October 15, 2015 is supplanted.


IRS Employees

Viable Date


LuCinda Comegys

Chief, Distribution

Wage and Investment Division (08-03-2018)

Program, Scope and Objectives

Reason: This area of the IRM portrays the arrangement necessities overseeing the Mail and Transportation Management Program, and distinguishes and depicts the general jobs for the assigned group of onlookers.

Group of onlookers: This data applies to all IRS workers, and the individuals who are in charge of settling on choices in either mail or transportation administration.

Strategy Owner: The duty of regulating the IRS Mail Transportation Program falls under the heading of the Commissioner, Wage and Investment (W&I).

Program Owner: Distribution Requirements Branch (DRB) is the program office in charge of directing and giving direction to the Mail and Transportation Management. (08-03-2018)

Overseeing Policy and Guidance

Mail and Transportation Management administering arrangement and direction are:

39 CFR 310, Enforcement of the Private Express Statutes

39 CFR 320, Suspension of the Private Express Statutes

41 CFR 102-192, Mail Management (08-03-2018)

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The Mail and Transportation Management Program includes the administration, control and help of mail utilization to address the clients’ issues while limiting expenses. Mail fills in as an essential way to trade data among representatives and their clients. A productive Mail Management Program specifically influences the association with citizens and the picture and notoriety related with the Service. (08-03-2018)


Related references are:

Joined States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)

Joined States Postal Service, Mailers Companion

Joined States Postal Service, International Mail Manual (IMM)

IRS Document 12534, Mail Desk Guide Territory Point-of-Contact

IRS Document 12019, IRS Addressing Standards

IRS Publication 4065, IRSTOS – Internal Revenue Service Tender of Service


Mail and Transportation Management data is accessible on the Postal and Transportation Policy Program site athref=

IRS distributions, archives and structures are accessible on the M&P site at href=

USPS distributions and structures are accessible through the USPS web site at href= (08-03-2018)